VIDEO: “Don’t Call Me A Rapper, I’m A Musician” – Phyno

Phyno, who is in general careful as an native rapper, has weighed in on the ongoing consultation about Nigerian rappers commercializing their music for profit. Phyno has go out to give up the “rapper” title, to take on the title of “musician” which allows him branch out his music, without disapproval from the Hiphop fans. He assumed in a contemporary interview with HipTV that:

“don’t call me a rapper. I’m a musician, I know music.”

Phyno and his partner in music, Olamide retain had fingers incisive at them as the face in rank of uncontrolled rappers. However, with the adoption of the”musician” title, Phyno would be in suspense to extend about his “commercial” music without hassle.

Watch the video below!

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